Counseling with Katie is counseling at the intersections of your life. We create a shared space of safety and trust for you to explore the points where each facet your history, your identity, and your experiences intersect. Within this space, a process of transformation unfolds, in which you may gain greater insight about yourself, experience healing where there is wounding, and increase your wellness, playfulness, and joy.

Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse


Gender & Sexual Orientation


Depression & Anxiety

Body Image & Eating Disorders

Grief, Bereavement, Life Transitions

Relational Issues


Individual Counseling

Give yourself the precious gift of time set aside just for you, with a trained therapist to listen deeply to what is said and not said, to help you make connections, gain new insight, and achieve your goals.

 Couples Counseling

Set aside some time for your relationship; a safe space with a professional who can guide you through difficult and painful conversations to increase the connection, intimacy, and playfulness in your relationship.

Support Groups

Enter into a safe space with others who have lived through similar experiences, to learn more about yourself, connect with others, and support one another’s growth.